Audi A5 B9 with the new Deville Inox wheel design

The name Cor.Speed has always stood for high-quality wheels that appeal to customers who want to give an exclusive touch to their medium-range or luxury car, or to their SUV. Now the brand has added the new Deville Inox model to its 18” to 22” portfolio. Here it is presented in a manner befitting its rank on an Audi A5 coupe from the current B9 generation.

As the similarity in the names shows, the new design has borrowed its look in part from the popular, well-known Cor.Speed Deville rim. For instance, both boast ten spokes with a masculine character. By contrast, the polished stainless steel wells are new to the Inox model. In addition, the spokes have milled contours produced according to a process patented by Licardor. Their look makes for a stark contrast to the rest of the matte black surface finish. They come in 9×20” (5×108, 5×112, 5×114.3 and 5×120) for 483 euros or 10×20” (5×112, 5×114.3 and 5×120) for 503 euros. Thanks to their angled design, the spokes reach almost to the outer edge of the rims so that the wheels are very concave despite the deep well (9×20”: 3.5 cm and 10×20”: around 7 cm) and give the impression of being larger. What is more, the wheels leave plenty of freedom of movement for the brakes and can bear a payload of 850 kg.

The DeVille Inox on the Audi A5 B9 shown here are 9×20” in front and 10×20” in the rear, with 255/30 tires in each case. In addition, the front axle of the coupe has been lowered by 50 mm and the rear by 40 mm using KW Variant 3 coilovers.